Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey gobbler fruit centerpiece

Yesterday at my youngest's Thanksgiving party, I saw these turkey centerpieces that a mom had created out of a cantaloupe, a small pear, a few raisins, a red pepper, grapes, and cheddar cheese chunks.  They were precious and totally edible and make a fun craft for you and your kids.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Here are the directions I found on

  1. 1Stabilize the melon body by cutting a shallow slice off the rind to form a flat base and place on serving dish or platter.
  2. 2Using a section of bamboo skewer, attach a Bosc pear (head) upside-down to the upper front of the melon.
  3. 3Cut a cheese triangle beak and red pepper snood. Attach both, along with raisin eyes, to the pear head with sections of toothpick.
  4. 4Cut red pepper feet and set them in place. For tail feathers, skewer cheese cubes and red grapes, then insert the skewers around the back of the melon. Pin pepper side feathers in place with toothpicks.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

These are some of my favorite things series: Nostalgic Graphic Tees

Elizabeth Horton, a friend of mine in Mt. Pleasant who is a graphic designer has created these cute shirts that feature silhouette designs of nostalgic childhood memories.  I think they are adorable and the quality is great.  This week she has a special offer on the Christmas tee.  Her sizes run from baby to size 12.  What a great gift to give or to ask the grandparents for!  Visit her Etsy store here: to see all of her cute designs.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Scarf organizer

I found a great organizing blog called "Penelope Loves Lists" which can be found here:  Because I also am a huge fan of scarfs, I thought this clever solution was great.  The scarf hook which can be bought at the Container Store.  Just hang on a wall hook or on your closet bar, grab and go.  I love having things readily accessible.  I also think scarves are a clever way of adding color and personality to an outfit and if your neck is warm, it makes a huge difference.  Having been in France this month, I can say that you hardly ever see a French woman without a scarf.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly menu

Although it seems like a no brainer, I have not always been super good about planning the week's menu in advance.  A few weeks ago, however, I made a conscious effort to be more diligent about it.  For the last two weeks it has worked superbly.  I don't do anything fancy, but at the beginning of the week I sit down and write out what we are going to eat each night.  On the back of the menu I write out my grocery list.  It is important that I choose something that everybody will eat.  Also, I have found that for Monday-Friday, I can get away with cooking only three times because I try to double up on the recipe.  Here is a sample of what we had last week:

Monday: Beef Bourguignon and salad
Tuesday: Turkey tacos with toppings and black beans for the side
Wednesday: Roast Chicken
Thursday: Leftover Beef Bourguignon with broccoli
Friday: Leftover chicken (you could make a pot pie, chicken quesadillas or anything)

The following picture is of the roast chicken we made and it was SO easy.  Just buy a whole chicken, coat w/ olive oil salt and pepper and lemon juice.  Put in foiled covered roasting pan with potatoes and carrots on the bottom (also brushed with olive oil) and cook @ 350 degrees for 20 minutes per pound.  Ours took about an hour and a half.  Although it is very easy to buy a roasted chicken at the supermarket, this tastes so much better in flavor and nothing beats a home-cooked meal.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paris is always a good idea...

I have been out of pocket this November with a fabulous 40th birthday trip to Paris and then getting back and playing catch up, etc, etc.  Hopefully I will have more time to post throughout the Holidays with decorating, organizing, and gift ideas.  Being in Paris reawakened my love for the French way of life, or  "art de vivre."  I have always felt at home in France because the way of life there speaks deeply to something inside of me--finding joy in the small things, slowing down, taking pride in the beautiful and well-crafted, and quite simply enjoying the everyday.  Here are some of my pictures...