Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bridgette Pyles-Martin

While spending the good part of my summer in the mountains, I love to browse the art galleries in Black Mountain and Asheville.  One of the artists I have discovered and loved is Bridgette Pyles-Martin.  I love her paintings of mountain landscapes and the vibrant and bold colors she uses.  For years I have admired her work that I've seen in the Seven Sisters Gallery in Black Mountain and am waiting to find just the right one for my home.  I don't have any paintings that will remind me throughout the year of my love for the mountains.  More of her work can be seen here:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer in the mountains

Almost every year of my life I have spent the fourth of July in the mountains of NC.  My great grandparents established a tradition of family gatherings here and I am grateful for this.  This past 4th, 48 of us gathered to celebrate.  I then spent the next few weeks there with my boys to escape the heat and humidity in Charleston.  This year's milestone was my oldest son's making it to the top of Lookout Mountain, the tallest mountain in Montreat where we have our home.  We were also joined for a week by a good friend of mine and her two kids.  Now we are back home facing just a few weeks of summer left before the school craziness begins.