Monday, October 27, 2008

Kids' artwork

This subject I am sure will merit many posts because it is something that moms of little ones struggle with day in day out. What do we do with all of our kids' beautiful drawings and or scribbles? If you are like me, my kids bring home something every day from preschool. Some of these projects are more creative than others. If it is truly something I don't foresee treasuring or if it's covered in glitter, I toss it as quickly as possible without my kids seeing. We also have an area (it's actually the magnetic cover of my electrical box in the laundry room) where we display the art of the week or the season. In each of their rooms I have a box on a top shelf where I put all the other stuff. Eventually I try to weed through this, some of it will go into a scrapbook (nothing fancy, just glue or tape it in) and some of it I will frame. Here I've highlighted a few products I love for preserving artwork. The Pottery Barn Kids Stinson frames (unfortunately for me the red are no longer available) where you can easily slip a piece of art in and out are a fantastic idea. Land of Nod makes cute cables that can be put on a wall for displaying art in a room or playroom. Petite Picasso is a great company that can take your little one's masterpieces and preserve them in book form. This company also sells really cute gifts with an art theme. I love their fat colored pencils and their art "go fish" game. Visit for more info.

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