Monday, January 19, 2009

Using kids' art as art

In this day and time, who has the money to buy original art for thousands of dollars? OK, some people do--but for those of us who don't, you might find some "original" pieces lying around your house. Recently I was over at a friend's and was looking up at a massive canvas in her family room. I said, "Who did this?" (thinking that it was a well-known modern artist). She told me that her son at done it when he was 18-months-old. Wow! I thought she had probably spent a fortune on it. She gave him free rein of the canvas and let him run his matchbox cars through paint and then onto the canvas. The result is quite spectacular. I also found some pictures of kids' art used as the main art on the wall of a home on the Apartment Therapy website. The second two pictures are from a family's Paris apartment. I think the artwork is absolutlely fantastic and gives the house such character and personality.

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