Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Too Many Toys

One of my favorite children's authors is David Shannon and I love his book Too Many Toys. I am sure most parents have frequently felt overtaken by the number of toys in their home. Before Christmas gets here and it is literally just around the corner, I suggest taking a few hours to do a major purging of your kids' toys or else you may be totally overwhelmed by adding new toys to the mix. Consider that your sentimental attachment to some of these toys may be greater than your child's. I have hardly ever gotten rid of something that my child has asked me about later. Remember that a kid's world is transient. If they do not play with the toy anymore, simply get rid of it and think about how you are perhaps giving it to someone who may appreciate it more. I think one of the most common reasons for not letting go of certain toys is this sentimental attachment or also the thought that, so-and-so gave my child that (a dear grandmother for example) so I can't get rid of it. This is understandable but just remember that toys are material objects and should not hold the memory of that person. If you would like to hold onto a few sentimental items, buy one bin in which to store some of your favorite toys and books--good quality ones that may be handed down to grandchildren or nieces and nephews. Limit yourself to this bin and keep it stored in the attic. Happy purging!

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