Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alternative use for vintage tray

Collecting vintage trays is fun because they can have so many different uses. Just recently I have hung one in my kitchen between the cabinet and counter top and am using it as a bulletin board of sorts. It's a nice place to post a recipe or reminders for the week. You can find these trays at almost any antique store or easily on Ebay or Etsy. Usually they cost between $15-$20. I attached this one to the wall with a regular picture and plate hanger, but another idea would be to use 3M tape. If you have a wall space large enough, you could even do a collection of trays! I also like to use these trays just as decorative pieces to hang on the wall. The smaller ones are great to put on a side table as a collecting place for cell phone, keys, etc. The ones in the bottom three pictures I found at the local Antiques Market.

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