Friday, September 18, 2009

Art scrapbook

I am always looking for new ideas for saving (or not) kids' art projects and have made a few posts about this in the past. The last few days have kept me home nursing kids with the flu, so I've had a bit of time to complete a couple of projects I had meant to do over the summer. When my kids come home from school, if they have a piece of artwork I might display it on our mudroom bulletin board for a week. After that, if it is worth saving, I place it in a box in their room that is meant to store these kind of things. Over time, I whittle the pieces down until I have what I consider real treasures. From here, there are lots of possibilities--the easiest would be just to keep the art in the box. However, I have found that looking through the collection in this form gets messy. So, I decided to buy one of those old fashioned scrapbooks with paper pages and I glued the art in it. Will helped me with the gluing showing me that he has pretty much mastered this skill for the most part. Some people like the idea of taking digital photos of the art and then making some kind of digital photo book. I love this idea, but I also like having a tactile experience with the originals. This project only took me about an hour and by the end I had a collection of all Will's art from the preschool years. A good number of pages are left in the scrapbook so I can probably eventually glue in his stuff from kindergarten (so far he comes home with much less worth keeping). I will do the same for Julian when he is finished with preschool.

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Donna said...

This is such a great oldest is in second grade and I still have all his in a box...thanks for sharing!