Thursday, January 21, 2010

Organized bookshelves

I love to see ideas for organizing bookshelves and these really impressed me.  The shelves are from IKEA and I love the matching storage boxes, magazine organizers, open bins and toys at the child's level, and the general overall feel.  When organizing shelves, first remove everything before putting it back.  You may want to do something fun like cover the back of the shelves in a fun wallpaper or paint them an accent color.  Be very critical about any books, magazines, or collections you feel like you need to keep.  If you really don't feel that you'll ever read the book again or it's not a classic, consider donating it.  I also go hard-core on getting rid of any self-help or parenting books that are no longer relevant.  Ditch the travel books that are out of date--chances are if you go on a trip you can borrow a book from someone else or a library or find all the information you need on-line or through your phone.  As far as kids' books, make sure they are age-relevant to your kids.  Donate the others unless you feel like you need to hold onto the classics for your grand kids, and in this case keep just a few and store them away in a bin (in a previous post I recommended keeping ONE bin of this kind of thing for future generations of kids or for a special friend's kids, etc.).

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