Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simple Mom

I was just introduced to a great web site/blog called Simple Mom.  The site is dedicated to simplifying the complex job of a mother and is filled with many helpful hints and ideas.  One of the most helpful things I found is a daily docket download.  This is a "to do list" made especially for moms.  At the top, you will find a section that contains "Today's MITs" (or "Most Important Tasks').  These are the three things that you really want to accomplish that day--whether it be writing that note you've been putting off, RSVPing for a party, or doing the dark wash.  It was a section where you write down what's for dinner, a water log (to make sure you're drinking enough), an area to write down the general plan for the day and at the bottom a miscellaneous notes section.  There are other downloadable forms on the Simple Mom website like grocery lists, chore lists for kids, etc.  Go to the Simple Mom website, click on "resources" then "downloads."  Check it out.  I plan to use the daily docket today and will let you know how it goes.

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