Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lego storage

Both my boys, ages four and six, and all of their friends are Lego obsessed.  I've spoken with several moms about ideas for storing Legos and I have to say since my kids are probably at the early stages of Lego play, we throw them all in one bin when picking up.  I have discovered, however, something that is a big help: a small dustpan.  This really makes clean up faster and easier than picking up all the little pieces with your hands.  If you want to be a bit more methodical I have found some other solutions, the best of which I think is the Box4Blox Lego storage box.  Apparently, you put the pieces in the top and they sort of shake through so the smallest pieces go to the bottom of the box.  Their website has a video demonstration of how it works and can be found here:  Target online has several Lego storage boxes made by the company Iris.  Another option is using a tackle box to sort them out.  Let me know your ideas.  By the way--I have given up on keeping the sets together and just let the guys build custom designs.  I have kept all the instruction booklets in case they ever want to reconstruct the originals.

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