Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Arranging bookshelves

One of my neighbor's homes could be used for a photo shoot on any given day of the week. It seems to always be in perfect order. When over visiting recently I was admiring how she arranged her bookshelves by placing the books in horizontal stacks. She got the idea from my friend Kari who is a professional organizer. I think my shelves have too many books to arrange them like this, but we keep them in a library/study so it is a little bit different. I still like the idea of arranging books by color for a pretty neat aesthetic effect (I have pictures of this on an older post). The built-ins in my friend's home are in her main living area so she wanted them to be totally pleasing to the eye. I really love how she has left so much white space and has filled in-between the stacks with various objects, pictures, and collectibles. Hats off to her. She is also a real DIYer so stay tuned for some pictures I have taken of things that she has found at Habitat for Humanity for very cheap and refurbished to make them look brand new and very expensive.

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