Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pottery Barn Kids' Art

I just saw in the latest Pottery Barn Kids catalogue that you can send in your kids' artwork to have it transferred onto canvas. I thought this was a great idea and would love to try it. Or I guess you could just give your kids a canvas and let them go at it. I was also wondering who does paper mache projects with their kids and whose play rooms look neat as a pin. I really love the blog "whatever" which can be found at:
because she posts pictures of real life--not staged. Come on guys, a house with kids can never be as neat as they show in catalogs and magazines. So give yourself a break sometimes. Here are two pictures from the "whatever" blog, that show you what I am talking about. The last picture I just love though--I first saw it on Apartment Therapy. This is the whatever blog writer's playroom/reading nook. The vintage look is awesome and I am very inspired by her use of book covers and illustrations as art.

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