Saturday, February 14, 2009

More finds at Antiques Market, Mt. Pleasant

I love looking for decorating and storage ideas in local antique markets. Here in Mt. Pleasant, we have a great one that happens to be called "Antiques Market" on Coleman Blvd. I like to breeze through every once in a while and spot things that I think are great. I hope this will inspire you to do the same. Recently I posted a vintage floral painting and I couldn't help but go back and get it for myself. It is now hanging in my breakfast room and I love it! Here are some more finds: blue and white ceramics for decorating, a white wooden shelf for a little girls' room, a beautiful sailboat painting (would be great in a boy's room), amber glass canisters (very inexpensive, and a nice vintage look), a boy and boat print, and a red hutch with beautiful red and white plates in it.

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