Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gift idea

From now until Christmas I will feature a once a week Christmas gift idea. This week's feature is the Gurgle Pot. Basically it is a fish-shaped pitcher the gurgles (a loud "glug glug") when you pour from it. I had seen them for a long time at one of my favorite local stores in Mt. Pleasant called Zinnia and had told people about them when they were trying to think of an original, not too expensive gift. They come in so many fun colors! My mom has bought several as wedding gifts and the recipients have all loved them. I lamented the fact that I never had been given one and it's not the kind of thing you buy for yourself. Then, for my birthday I received two of them--one from my husband who had heard me talking about them and one from my brother and his wife who did not know how much I loved them, but loved the shop Zinnia where they found it and thought it might be something I would like. Now, do I really need two?? Probably not, but I loved both colors so much (I got a mint green one and a coral one), that I couldn't decide which one to give back. So, I'll keep both for now. I recently had a party and had one in two different rooms. If you do go to Zinnia, tell them I sent you! They cost around $40 a piece and also come in a smaller version and in salt and pepper shakers.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! I am sending my mom on a fieldtrip to Zinnia this week. Thank you for the great gift idea!
I love your blog. Kelle