Friday, November 6, 2009

Uncluttering your wardrobe

With the change of season we all should seek to make our closets more functional for the weather at hand. In doing this, we should also go through our summer clothes to see what we really didn't wear or like and consider getting rid of it. I encourage people to get out all of their fall clothes, for example, to see what they have before you are tempted to go and buy new stuff. If there is anything you didn't wear last year, consider ridding yourself of it--just let it go. Erin Doland, who writes for, just came out with a new book entitled Unclutter Your Life in One Week. While this seems like a tall order, I am anxious to read her book and I especially like her tips for clearing and organizing your wardrobe:

  1. The item should represent your current style and the image you wish to project to others.
  2. The item should fit you well and complement your body type.
  3. The item should work in coordination with a minimum of two other items in your wardrobe.
  4. You should be able to wear the item with shoes you already own (for shoes, you should be able to wear them with clothing you already own).
  5. The item should be in good condition and should not need to be repaired.
  6. There should be space for the item to be properly stored.
  7. You should like how you feel when you wear the item (for shoes, they should not cause blisters).
  8. You should have an occasion in the next year to wear it.

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