Friday, March 12, 2010

Cake stand organizer

I found this picture on the Martha Stewart website and think it is a great idea for organizing some cooking staples in the kitchen.  Using a cake stand makes it possible to store things like spice jars underneath it.


Susan said...

You would feel right at home in my kitchen ;) I have pedestals presently hard at work. A large mahogany wooden one from the Pottery Barn (got it on clearance for about $12!!!) holds my fruit as well as a vase that I regularly fill with flowers. I have it on top of a SLAH circular iron tray and put my onions and stuff in that. Near my oven I have a beautiful pedestal (also from SLAH) that I stuck a pretty pie plate on top of. This holds my salt pig, olive oil, pepper grinder, and most commonly used spices. Presenting them in this way makes me so happy because they are so beautiful to look at. I've been wanting to use this idea in my bathroom as well, but I don't have completely inadequate counter space in this present apartment :(

kari Kim said...

I love that pedestal! Did she say where it is from? I can see my honey and tea on it ready to go!