Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lunch box ideas

I recently wrote a post about an alternative to ziploc bags that could be used in lunch boxes.  After discovering this blog:, I am inspired again to try my son's Laptop lunch box.  He also agreed that he was growing a bit tired of the grilled cheese sandwiches at school.  This website has all kinds of ideas for cool lunch ideas and how to prepare them, what tools of the trade you'll need, etc.  If you do a search on or Ebay you can find lots of options for different kinds of bento lunch boxes, fruit and vegetable cutters, etc.  The bento box originates from Japan and Wikipedia offers this description: "A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container. Containers range from disposable mass produced to hand crafted lacquerware. Although bento are readily available in many places throughout Japan, including convenience stores, bento shops (弁当屋 bentō-ya?)train stations, and department stores, it is still common for Japanese homemakers to spend time and energy for their spouse, child, or themselves producing a carefully prepared lunch box."  One of my good friends is living in Japan now and has talked a lot on her blog ( about how the Japanese don't waste anything--her kids even have to bring their own cups to school!  I wish some of that mentality can catch on here.  Realistically I know I won't pack something this cute every day, but I am determined to try it at least once in a while.  I think my kids would especially appreciate the puzzle shaped sandwiches and the Yoda cheese!!

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