Sunday, September 19, 2010

Room in progress...

Living room before with yellow walls, old sofa that needs recovering...

A friend of mine and I have been collaborating together over the past months about transforming her living space.  She was sick of the yellow walls and wanted to go with all white.  After much deliberation, we called in some reinforcements.  My number one go-to person for color is a local designer named Elizabeth Goff.  She helped us choose the colors which are all by Benjamin Moore: Cloud White for the walls and trim,  Spring Thaw (a very light green) for the ceiling, and all the doors in her house are now a beautiful brown called Topeka Taupe.  My friend and I then worked to choose slipcover fabric and throw pillows.  She took the bold plunge to use white for the sofa slipcover and is very happy with it.  In my opinion what makes the room are the two throw pillows made in Schumacher Chaing Mai Dragon fabric in aquamarine.  These were a splurge but seriously, you could totally build a room around these pillows because they contain a myriad of such fantastic colors.  She ended up finding them on Etsy for a fraction of the price a local design store was going to charge her.  They are a fabulous linen material to boot!  We are taking the room in steps and next have to choose a few other accent pieces.  I am loving the Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis fabric in orange and think a lumbar pillow on the sofa made out of this would look great as well as one on the other slipcovered armchair.  Another idea would be the Betwixt fabric in Spark/Ivory, also by Schumacher.  She also wants to do some fun cushions and throw pillows for the kitchen table bench seat.  More pictures to come soon!

Room in progress with walls and ceiling painted, a new seagrass rug, and beautiful pillows.

Love the orange lamp--a bargain find at TJ Maxx.

I am obsessed with this fabric.  Look at those colors!

I love the Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis fabric as well!

Another idea for additional throw pillows.  I love orange!

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