Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hanging and storing necklaces

I am big on necklaces--big, chunky, colorful, unique pieces of art that you can wear.  The reason I like them so much is because you can just have on an average, unexciting tee shirt and throw a necklace on and you look somewhat dressed up.  My favorite necklace designer is friend Nikki Fitzgerald of ItFitz jewelry.  Check out her page here:  On almost any given day you can see me wearing one of her pieces.   Here are some examples:

 I have gone through multiple ways of storing my necklaces, but I am thinking now about just simply hanging them on nails in my closet like this:

 Hmmm, the other idea is to make a corkboard with pins, but I am not into crafty (glue guns, etc.)  When I get it figured out, I'll let you know.  That is going to be on my immediate to do list, because I have been putting it off for quite some time.

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Katherine said...

I was searching for a new way to store my necklaces tonight and came across your post. I've read a lot of people recommending the back of the closet method, but I did want to mention one problem I had using a similar storage manner. I had a beautiful necklace with glass pendant from a friend that I hung on the door knob of my closet - the repeated opening and closing of the closet door eventually resulted in it breaking from swinging into the door. I don't know if that would really be a problem on the back of the door but I had never really noticed it swinging on the doorknob much until it broke! Since you have a lot of handmade jewelry, I thought it was worth a mention....Good luck!