Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good finds!

I had a few extra minutes to pop into Marshalls and TJ Maxx today while I was running errands.  I've discovered that they always have new things every week and you never know when you're going to find just the right piece at just the right price.  I have two design projects I am trying to finish, so am on the lookout for things.  While I may not have found anything I was looking for in particular, I found some really cute stuff.  My favorite is the $39 black mirror.  I saw this on the Young House Love blog and they had painted it a pretty green for their nursery (see nursery picture).  I also loved the collection of lamps I saw and think they would look great in a little girl's room!!  Also, the jewelry boxes were a good find--so nice, similar to ones I had seen at Pottery Barn with a much higher price tag.


Susan said...

you have saved me!!! i have been looking for a double gourd teal lamps for over a year at a price i can afford. i hope that one of the two marshalls near me has them still when i get paid tomorrow!!!

thank you!

(i'm a yhl fan, too, and i love what magic they did with that mirror!!!)

Susan said...

that should read, "i have been looking for double gourd teal lamps"... the grammar girl in me is shaking her head in shame... j/k. i'm not that hard on myself. but i guess i was upset enough to write out this 'oops' comment! ha ha ha.